I don’t normally talk about my anxiety.

I mostly just feel it and try and get through it.

One of the things that gives me more anxiety than anything else is driving. I know it might sound strange, but it’s really what I hate the most. I have been in 3 (not too serious) car wrecks, 2 of which were my fault. One was a wrong place at the wrong time in a parking lot deal, and the other was a ‘I woke up and got in my car and pulled out in front of someone because I was still not awake yet’ deal. The other one someone ran into the back of me because the person in front of me stopped and turned off the road suddenly. I stopped in time but the person behind me did not.

My condition gives me brain fog and slow movements and that makes me not want to drive. It’s almost like a drunk person driving and no one wants that. I do it when I have to and I’m super careful and drive slow, but the anxiety of it just kills me.

If I have to drive myself to a doctor or dentist, I have to take the whole day off because I can’t handle the stress of work and my driving anxiety.

I am also terrible with directions. I can’t read a map and I can’t follow someone telling me directions unless they are in the car with me. I’m not good at learning street names and remembering where things are according to their street names.

I have a dentist appointment at the end of this week and so of course I had to take the day off work. Last time I was there, the dentist hit a nerve when he was numbing me and it hurt worse than any other dental work I had ever had and it gave me a big bruise on my jaw and chin. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to this visit or driving.

One good thing about my anxiety is that it makes me want to clean things when I am home. You can tell when I am at my worst if I look like Cinderella in my kitchen. Not the outfit but the scrubbing things clean all over the place. I’m not sure why it calms me down, but something about scrubbing something dirty and watching it become clean does the trick.

Too bad I don’t always feel the need to clean. I mean maybe I do feel the need, but with my condition, it makes it very hard to have a full time job and then come home and do more.

Well that’s enough about me today. I mean this blog is all about me. But that’s enough for today! ❤

What gives you anxiety and do you have any tricks on dealing with it or do you have to just wait it out?


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