Bad Days

Yesterday was a terrible day. Work stress caused me to have a literal meltdown where I walked out of the building and just kept on walking. I walked around the block and came back in tears.

Then when I got home, I realized I had left my phone at work. Scott was nice enough to drop me off at home and go back and get it for me.

Then while I was on the couch, I went to reach down and pick something up at the same moment my dog decided to jump up and head butted the side of my forehead near my temple. (Which is also a very sensitive spot already for me because of my migraines).

I was crying in pain and emotional from everything else that had happened and I just had to let myself sit there and be in a mood.

I think that’s just what you have to do sometimes. Everyone is so hell bent on “fixing” everyone else right away when something bad happens.

I don’t want to be “fixed” when something happens. I want to feel how I feel so I can move on with my life when the feeling has passed.

I knew that this bad day would pass, but that didn’t stop me from crying and feeling completely hopeless about all the little things that had built up overtime and had led to my meltdown.

Sometimes when a bad day happens, you just gotta feel how you are going to feel about it. Smile at those who insist on trying to cheer you up right away or just ignore them so they get the message that you need to feel how you feel at the moment.

You are entitled to your feelings and while you are going through the bad stuff, just remember, this day will end and even if you still feel a little sad for a little while, that’s okay.

NOTE: (This is not to say that if someone suffers from depression, they shouldn’t seek help. If you feel like every day is a bad day and you feel hopeless all the time, you should find someone you trust to talk to about it.)

If you’ve had a terrible day and gotten passed it and would like to talk about it, feel free! ❤


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