Something To Think About

(Sorry if this gets confusing, I am writing during a migraine and brain fog.)

I wanted to touch on this subject because it not only affects my every day life but it affects so many other people as well.

I want people to understand that just because a person is a certain age (younger) and may look healthy on the outside and may have a smile on their face, it doesn’t mean that they are not in real physical pain.

So many YOUNG people deal with chronic illnesses that can cause chronic pain and fatigue.

I want people to stop and think about that the next time you start to question why that young girl or guy parked in the handicap spot and walked into the store.

Maybe they have a heart condition and can’t walk for long. Maybe they have chronic pain in their joints. Maybe they can’t be out in whatever extreme temperature is happening at the moment.

Whatever the reason, please remember that looks can be deceiving.

And you can be sure that, that young person knows they seem to look fine on the outside, and they worry about people judging them for doing whatever it is you think is not right because of your opinion of how they look or their age.

There have been so many times I need to get groceries but I put it off because I’m too scared to use one of those electric wheelchair buggies and I would rather wait until I am feeling good enough to walk around the store and carry things to my car.

If more people understood and knew about “invisible chronic illnesses” in young people, I would have the confidence to go and do things using the things I need to help me get stuff done without fear of judgement.

I couldn’t even get a doctor to understand that I needed a handicap sign for my car so I could go shopping on a hot day and not have to walk across a parking lot and faint by the time I get to the door.

So my understanding husband drives me everywhere and drops me off at the door.

If you would like to learn more about my condition or this topic, feel free to let me know and we can chat about it.

(I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I have a lot of experience dealing with being a young person who is chronically ill but doesn’t look it and can hopefully give some answers to any questions you have.)


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