“Life Is Strange ” video game…


I recently played “Life Is Strange” on PS4.
I don’t normally play games on my own but this game looked like something I would be into.
I ended up playing for like 5 hours straight and had to take a break to finish downloading the last episodes to the game.
I finished it after a night and a whole day of playing.
It was a great experience for me accomplishing it mostly on my own (with a few tips from the Web when I got stuck).
I just wanted to post about it because it was a different experience for me that I ended up really enjoying.
The game wasn’t perfect but I don’t regret the time and $ I spent on it.
You go through the game and talk to people and the choices you make determine how the game progresses.
You have a rewind power to go back some of the time if you don’t like the immediate outcome.
There is some dark stuff in the game that I didn’t expect but it was overall a beautiful game to look at and I would recommend to anyone who can keep an open mind and maybe just wants to sit back and have a good time solving a mystery.
***Trigger warning for abuse victims!!!

(Again,  I don’t play a lot of games and am not a very harsh critic; so I don’t have a lot to compare it to.)


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